Gem Adventurer

Presented by Gavin Linsell, gemstone author, expert and traveler, Gem Adventurer® brings you the world of gemstones straight from the mine. There are only so many gems, hidden in the most remote corners of the world… Gavin leaves no stone unturned, giving you privileged access to a kaleidoscopic array of colored gemstones. A perfect gem companion, Gavin appeared on Discovery Channel’s ‘Game of Stones’ and is also a member of the International Colored Gemstone Association.

Gem Amore

Gem Amore™ showcase exotic gemstones in handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelry. Capturing husband and wife team, Eli and Ying Rifkind’s passion for everyday gemstone jewelry, each piece has an intriguing story behind its creation, making this inspired collection your perfect celebration of colorful fashion. A gemstone buyer and jeweler for 20 years, Eli is a seasoned professional, while Ying adds the essential perspective of an experienced fashion expert.

Jepara Pallavine

Join jewelry and meteorite expert, Thomas Schürmann to discover Jepara Pallavine, an incredibly beautiful extraterrestrial gemstone. Formed in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter over 4 billion years ago, Jepara Pallavine is one of the world’s oldest gemstones. Named for the location of its singular discovery in Indonesia, Jepara Pallavine are undeniably rare and witnesses to the infinity of the cosmos. What other gems have travelled so far or can tell such a story?

Rémy Rotenier

After many years of designing for some of the world’s premier international jewelry houses, French designer Rémy Rotenier® brings to life a stunning jewelry collection featuring his propriety Rémy Rose Cut™. Rémy gives each piece intricate detail and a custom feel that makes his collection timeless, adding an heirloom quality. Personally involved in every step of the collection, Rémy frequently sketches jewelry during LIVE events, providing a unique insight into his design inspiration.


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