About Lootess

Designer Jewelry @ A Click

From the historic name for Paris, a city forever synonymous with jewelry and fashion, Lootess is a unique evolution in fine jewelry shopping, with over 70 years’ collective experience, including internationally renowned gemstone professionals and jewelry designers.

As jewelry lovers often don’t see the variety they crave, Lootess travelled the world to create an appealing, enriching, entertaining, informative, and inspiring jewelry experience. At Lootess you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to make you feel special, conveniently and quickly shopping relaxed from your home.

Showcasing exclusive designer collections direct from the jewelers’ bench, Lootess offers a wide range of quality jewelry at incredible value, in both traditional stylings as well as the latest fashions and trends, along with special offers that save you even more!

We all prefer to engage with likeable experts in their field, and cornerstones of Lootess are compelling edutainment and expertly guested LIVE events, allowing you to personally interact with the specialists’ behind each collection. A great jewelry experience, Lootess makes eciding easy; you receive all the information you need, from where the gemstones are mined, to the inspiration and crafting of each piece, so you purchase with confidence.